ABOUT ME: Interested in the big picture, ground level details, & everything in between. Always on the look out for ‘contentious’ investment/trade ideas.  Worked for a $2.0 billion value-oriented hedge fund and a $0.5 billion macro fund. Tend to pay attention to the macro (primarily fund flows, but also macro fundamentals) and the Company-specific (SEC filings, field research, and non-standard analyst).


LONGS - Prefer situations with: forced/uneconomic selling, embedded option-like payoff, income (e.g. REITs), acquisition potential, and defined-duration.

SHORTS - Primarily frauds, fads, and failures.  Occasionally high beta names and indices as well.

Last but not least, interested in vampire slaying. On the hunt for (financial) blood-sucking zombies and vampires, who prey on widows, orphans, etc. and threaten America.

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