Things that make you go ? as we enter 2017

The year is more or less over. As we head into 2017, here are a few things that make you go ?:

  1. “Hey brother @realDonaldTrump give me control of the Fed and we will make the economy great again. Dow at 40k in 4 Years. #Yeswecanseco” - December 11th
  2. “GET READY FOR DOW 20,000” - Barron’s front page, December 12th
  3. “The US dollar is on fire” - December 15h
  4. “Outlook 2017: This Bull Market Has Legs” (10/10 strategists say market will be up) - Barron’s front page, December 17th
  5. “An economist who predicted a 17,000-point stock-market crash just 10 days ago is suddenly bullish” - December 19th
  6. “After peaking at $554 million in February, assets in bearish Rydex funds have dropped 75%, nearly the lowest in 20 years.” December 20th 12/20
  7. Plenty of chatter, in recent days, about funds up 30%-40%+ YTD.
  8. “Gartman says stocks going higher” - today
  9. Gartman on the $: “the dollar is headed higher, dramatically so” - today
  10. “Jim Cramer’s flashing signal that the massive rally is here to stay” -today
  11. etc

Interpret at will.

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