Hedge Fund People on Twitter - My Must Follow List for 2014

Just kidding. That being said, I was the first (or one of the first) to heavily promote @mojoris1977 1-2 years ago, when his follower count was in the single digits/teens.  I didn’t know him at all. He didn’t ask me to promote him. I didn’t have any ulterior motives in promoting others, unlike some who peddle “#FF lists” today, yet face some serious conflicts of interest. I just saw a highly talented and honest guy in mister mojo, and wanted to spread the love.

It was @DavidSchawel who first got me plugged into twitter. I had <50 followers. He promoted me, and my follower count elevated into the hundreds. David and I didn’t know each other. I didn’t ask for his promotion. I can’t speak for David, but I think he promoted me for the same reasons I’ve promoted @mojoris1977 , and many others.

I’ve promoted other talented people on twitter (I’ve lost track, because there are quite a few), when their follower counts were <100, and whose follower counts today are in the 1,000s-10,000s. They never kissed up to me, nor asked me for promotion. It was all about respect. Suffice it to say, my track record of identifying talented people on twitter would appear not too shabby.

I have significantly cut down on my #FF of others, for various reasons. It is unclear if the #FFs will resume. I see way too many disingenuous and sanctimonious participants out there.

Ask yourself: why do some people so obsessively promote/ridicule others on twitter? Why are some people promoted/ridiculed, and not others? The truth is seldom obvious.

  • Do your own homework.
  • Everyone is subject to imperfect knowledge, and imperfect understanding (such is the human condition).
  • THEREFORE, verify, verify, and verify.
  • Assume that everyone is out to (imperfectly) further their own self interests. This isn’t inherently right or wrong, but should be part of the analysis.
  • People who claim to be out to ‘help you’… you should assume that they’re actually out to further their own self interests…maybe even at your expense.
  • Question unchallenged assumptions. Seek and ye may find.

The markets humble all.

Disclosures: I don’t get paid for your visits/eyeballs. I don’t sell a subscription. I never/rarely resort to language such as “institutional IQ”, and ad hominem language/reasoning, because I’d rather let my work and results speak for themselves. I am an investor, and seek to generate significant positive returns and excess alpha (measured in dollars and cents). I occasionally expose frauds/fads/failures, but my primary goal is to be an excellent investor. I occasionally tease those who I believe are charlatans. I avoid (but am not afraid of) confrontation.


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