Who are the Most Flashy and Flamboyant CEO/CFOS Out There?

Yesterday, LST asked the following question on twitter: “Question for the stream: who is/are the most flashy and flamboyant CEOs/CFOs you know ?” LST was curious because the CEO of a company that LST is currently looking into is laughably narcissistic, flashy, and flamboyant. Due to the volume of responses, LST decided to post all responses:

@jerng - I think Ellison takes the cake for public companies. But that’s because he’s a media darling. Probably others uncovered. (ORCL)

@BarbarianCap - ANF is pretty high up (ANF)

@matterhornbob - NOT GS’s Lloyd Blankfein = as un-flashy as you get. He would tell you the exact same thing. (Not GS)

@montoyan - ANF CEO as far as my coverage goes. Can’t think of any CFOs but I’m sure there are some. (ANF)

@830rezatDorsia -  Hands down its Aubrey McClendon (CHK)

@nicholas_yee - without a doubt it’s Fabrizo from $EL (EL)

@gavparks -  always @Benioff in my book (CRM)

@ZorTrades - I would say any that owns part of a professional team (various)

@kyles09 - Richard Scrushy complete with his entourage - the older bro from Wonder Yrs. not helpful now but my 1st thought. 🙂 (HLS)

@djacome - when I covered Medco $MHS, Dave Snow could be quite cocky! And we were thrilled to be on Sell on st when name imploded. (MHS)

@joshh031 - Weatherford’s entire management team (WFT)

@scott_matagrano - I vividly remember Chainsaw Al Dunlap/Sunbeam back during the late 90s.  (SOC at the time)

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