Is Amazon a High Frequency Trader and Deceptive Marketer, All In One ?

LST noted that the Keurig V700 Vue costs only $134.95 after rebate with a picture to prove it:

LST checked ~15 minutes ago and…

So much for zee price stabilitee … it’s as if Amazon and the OEM are utilizing tools and tactics not that different from  “stop-loss” seeking algos in trading…except these are prices of consumer goods, not financial securities…

There are also a few other possibilities:

(A) Other consumers also noticed the $134.95 after rebate price for the Keurig Vue V700 and all proceeded to purchase one over the weekend. The demand exceeded the expected demand, and AMZN’s algos automatically adjusted the price upward to reflect this (temporary) discrepancy between actual vs. expected demand.

(B) Could be a discrepancy between actual vs. expected demand due to some other reason. Same result, same story.

(C) It’s a late night glitch.

Here’s the thing: LST has been tracking the Keurig Vue V700 prices on AMZN and…they’ve been steadily trending down.

- updated 2012 10 03 4:41 PM EST -

It looks like LongShortTrader was on to something after all. As of today, you can once again purchase the Keurig Vue v700 for $134.50 (after rebate). Why you would want to do that is another question…

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