Why ZERO is a Zero - Released One Day Too Late

LST was drafting a post on ZERO last night (Monday, September 24, 2012) , and fell asleep before finishing it. ZERO crashed earlier today… Oh well.

Here is what LST was writing before falling asleep…

ZERO is a blatant pump and dump , and blast from the past the likes of which only a bunch of morons and crooks would go long. LST ¬†will not bother doing any real work…take a look at the following 3 things (to be skimmed, not read carefully), and you‚Äôll see why ZERO is a zero:

(1) first ever filing

(2) Most recent 10Q

(3) Entire stock price history (before today)

A friend pointed out the following as well (it seems some people actually bothered to do real work. Good for them):

ZERO‚Äôs “research and development facility” is reportedly located at 235 Tennant Avenue, Morgan Hill, California 95037 (06/30/12 10Q, page 8), which seems to be the same location as an AAMCO car and transmission retail repair center

This piece of crap actually traded as if it were a ~$200 million market cap company, even if it were short lived…

Oh, and last but not least:

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